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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Warm greetings from the Czech Republic.

We are again in a time of great transition. On the one hand major new turmoil in the Ukraine and Iraq. On the other side a ground-breaking meeting between Pope Francis and several main leaders of the evangelical world. If you haven’t yet heard about this meeting, check out the following link posted by a Canadian evangelical site: http://revivalmag.com/article/unity-diversity . 

There is a strong sense among many that we are moving with ever-increasing speed towards the glorious return of our Lord and Saviour.. For this reason, we are inviting Mon. Peter Hocken to be one of our keynote speakers. He will be addressing the subject of the Parousia – the second coming of Jesus. Ruta Salaseviciene will also be talking to us on how we as leaders can – even in the midst of increasing stress and growing responsibilities - continue to grow in our intimacy with God. We believe that this will be one of our best gatherings ever. 

Please note that the ENC Gathering is Earlier than normal because St. Ann's was not available on our usual dates. The Gathering is from 6-9th November.

We officially begin with the evening meal on Thursday evening, the 6th of November, and conclude after the noon meal on Sunday, November 9th. As always, there will be ample time for fellowship, relaxation, worship, and ministry to one another.

You can register online at www.e-n-c.org (see form below) . We are expecting a full house this time, so please be sure to apply as soon as you can.
Please plan to arrive no later than 17:00 on Thursday, November 6th, 2013 and leave no earlier than 13:00 on Sunday, 9th November, 2013.

Those who are flying should try to fly to Katowice or Wroclaw if at all possible. It will cost 25 Euros to be collected or taken to the airport.
This year we have simplified the pricing system, the price is based on the standard of room which you have.

For those who are not employed (Students, unemployed, etc) or who have a specific need we have a special fund available to help with the costs. Please mention your need when you apply.

GATHERING COSTS (Room, board & conference fees):

Rooms with En-suite bathroom: 90 Euros per person
Rooms with a shared bathroom: 70 Euros per person
The deadline for applications is noon on Friday 26th September. In case you apply after this there is an extra fee of 50 Euros.

As the Gathering has grown we need to simplify some organisational task. We are asking that you pay together as a group. 

Please decide one person (Ideally they should speak English) who we be the main contact person for your community. They should mention who they are when they apply.

With payment you have 2 options. Either you can send the whole amount to the ENC account so that it arrives by 10th October OR you can pay in cash at the Gathering - Again you will have to pay as a whole group.

(Special note for those from Poland - we request that you will pay in Cash in Polish Zloty. The exact amount will be announced closer to the conference but will be based on the exchange rate)
As mentioned we have approximately 200 places in the en-suite rooms and the other rooms have a shared bathroom. Sonja Jancikova will be overseeing the allocation of rooms. She will do her best to allocate them in a fair way. If you have any specific requests or issues please contact her on the email address Jancikova@e-n-c.org
In the past few years more people have been coming with children. It is possible to bring children, we will only charge for their food and accommodation. However please be aware that we would ask that children over 1 year old should not be in the main meeting room so as not to disturb the meeting.
If you cancel before 23rd October - your fee will be returned minus an administrative fee of 10 Euros.

If you need to cancel on or after 23rd October - your fee will be returned minus an administrative fee of 40 Euros.
We understand that sometimes it is needed that someone change places with another person. This is ONLY possible if it is communicated and agreed beforehand. If a change is needed, please ensure the new person is of the same gender as the canceling person.

Or, if one person from a married couple is unable to come, please make sure that the replacement is of the same gender as his/her future roommate (e.g. if the husband cannot come, a woman will replace him and share a room with his wife.)
We want to encourage everyone to come to the whole conference. Because of this, there are no reductions to the cost if you are only coming for a part of the gathering.
Directions to the centre will be sent after you register, closer to the conference date, about 2 weeks before.
If you have any general questions, please e-mail me at: kevinbridges@e-n-c.org 
We look forward to being with you at the ENC Gathering!
On behalf of the ENC Council,
Kevin Bridges
ENC Gathering Administrator

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